"Cathedral Cove" and "Hot Water Beach" are well known Coromandel destinations and well worth a visit. Highway 25 is the quickest route. The 309, a mostly metal (gravel) road, is the best way, especially if you aren't in a hurry. The Waterworks Fun Park, The Waiau Falls and The Kauri Grove are all on this road. Whether you go or come back on highway 25 make sure you stop when you reach the top of the ranges - the views are worth the wee 2 minute walk. 






The hot springs on "Hot Water" beach are only accessible 2 hours either side of low tide. Take a spade. You will need one to create your own hot pool with its cold and hot inlets. It's fun to be in a hot pool when the tide and waves breach your defences. The hardware store in Coromandel Town sells wee spades. 


Cathedral Cove is a 30-45 minute walk (one way) from the Hahei top level carpark.  A reasonable level of fitness is required as there are many steps at the Cove end of the walk.



At the height of the season as you arrive at Hahei you will be directed to park in a field; and pay for a 5 minute bus ride to the top level car park. If you arrive before 8 am you might find a park at the top.


On your way or on your way back pop into Whitianga. Take a walk along the harbour via the ferry and marina. This is the attractive part of town. There are many excellent eateries and there is the "The Lost Spring" geo-thermal pools. 


If you are going back on the 25 don’t forget to stop at the summit.