For an easy day, you could book a trip on the 'Driving Creek Railway', then wander down to the quirky Driving Creek Cafe  for a coffee or lunch.  This could be followed with a stroll around the town. There is an arts and crafts gallery to visit, a fascinating hardware store to explore, a gift shop for a bit of retail therapy and a museum for touch of education.  There are some excellent eating and coffee spots in the main street.  


Another idea is to take a gentle stroll round the Long Bay loop walk. This is an easy pleasant walk taking in both coast and bush together with some spectacular Kauri trees. This walk follows the coast from Long Bay to Tuck’s Bay with views to the outer islands. The walk then loops away from the coast into the bush via a stand of Kauri trees passing close by an impressive example of the size kauri trees can reach , The whole walk takes about an hour. You can do this walk in the opposite direction by going through the archway at the back of the camp. There are other walks near to town - feel free to ask us. 





Of course, these activities could be taken in any order depending on weather, train availability etc. During the summer, Driving Creek Railway runs 6 trains per day starting at 10.15 a.m. the last one being 4.30 p.m. This is an extremely popular activity and should be booked in advance.


You should now be set up for a beautiful evening meal at one of our excellent cafes or restaurants.


There are lots of walks nearby to choose from. Take a peek here