Local Market

Each Friday morning, outside the Pepper Tree Restaurant, you will find an array of local/homegrown produce and crafts for sale.

Informative websites

Coromandel Fun  
Destination Coromandel .
Coromandel history
Coromandel Town information centre


Firth of Thames 

Miranda migratory birds

About the firth of Thames
The Thames mussel farms




The light Festival is a winter affair, dates and events to be announced


Events in and around Coromandel town


Events on the peninsula


Adventure Racing Coromandel ARC

The Flight Centre K2 is possibly the toughest one day cycle challenge in the Southern Hemisphere.


The Coville Connection

The Colville Connection is a cycle event set in one of the best off-road / trail playgrounds in the North Island of New Zealand. Its stunning terrain and top quality event location has made this one a major event on the national event calendar.